About Us

“5 Thousand” radio is an Internet project we started on 2016. We are Patrick and Nicole Kalout. a regular couple, living in the Los Angeles area.

Our goal is reaching out to vulnerable population groups such as homeless people, people trapped in gangs, people with terminal illnesses, people trapped in the sex industry, people facing financial hardship, and offer “spiritual friendship” alongside material support by promoting specific causes created to help them with a wholistic approach.

At “5 Thousand,” we believe that faith based organizations must serve those who truly need it. Hence, “5 Thousand,” is not nor will ever be a “family business,” purposedly created to fund personal agendas.

The only thing we ask from you to keep this ministry running is tuning into our online radio station, as often and as long as you can.

Our Featured Shows


We will support and promote specific causes, entirely run by volunteers just like you, willing to do something to help others. The following 3 categories represent areas we are interested in working on:

Health Restoration

We promote health restoration causes focusing on 3 interactive and balanced elements: spirit, emotions and body.

Food Security

We promote food security causes benefiting target populations we plan in reaching out to and serving.


We promote educational causes which will allow people to gain freedom and discernment.


Find a set of resources related to our ministry activities. Feel free to read/download these materials if you consider it helpful.

Contact Us

We would love to know more about you. Feel free to get in touch whether you feel called to partake of this vision or to request prayers. You can rest assured that your information will not be disclosed, under any circumstance, with anybody else.